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What materials do we use ?

We use cellulose acetate, titanium and metal for the design of our glasses.

Where do the frames are manufactured?

Our frames are handmade in our factory based in Normandy.

How to maintain my frames?

Frames made of cellulose acetate, shiny or matte, can be washed regularly with warm water and soap. Dry with a soft cotton cloth.

How to order a frame?

If you are an optician, contact us so that we can study the possibility of your referencing as a Struktur eyewear Ambassador.


If you are an eyewear wearer, we invite you to check our "Stockists" page to find the closest Optician Struktur eyewear Ambassador near you.

What does OFG mean?

Origine France Garantie (OFG) is a label created by the PROFRANCE association. It is the only certification that attests the French origin of a product.

The Origine France Garantie certification ensures consumers the traceability of the product by giving a clear and objective indication of origin. The certification is based on two complementary requirements that companies must meet in order to obtain it:

Between 50% and 100% of the unit cost price is French,

The product takes its essential characteristics in France


A transparent process is carried out by Afnor for the certification:

We put together a file (information on the products concerned and their manufacturing process).

The file was evaluated by the certifying organism.

At the end of this positive study, the certification was awarded to us.

After 6 months, a verification audit confirmed the information provided.

Upon presentation of the technical review, the decision of certification was approved.

An annual audit is planned to ensure that conformity is maintained.

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