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The BAYWATCH is a masculine frame that is both imposing and elegant, designed for those who love bold style. This frame has a distinctive feature: it is extruded, which means that it is thick, measuring over 6 mm, and has pronounced bevels at the bottom and all around the frame. The top layer of the frame is finely chiselled and is only 1mm thick, adding a touch of finesse to the whole.




The attention to detail continues with a 12mm lug, a special temple, an OBE frame and a seven-claw hinge. All of these elements guarantee the strength and durability of The BAYWATCH, making it a sunglasses frame of exceptional quality.




This sunglasses model is both plush and luxurious, offering an exquisite tactile experience thanks to a special acetate. The frame embodies a perfect balance between robustness and elegance, suitable for those looking for a distinctive, masculine frame.


In addition to its bold aesthetic, The BAYWATCH offers high-quality sun protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays. The lenses are carefully selected to offer optimum visual clarity while adding a touch of style to your look.




If you're looking for a masculine, imposing and elegant sunglasses frame, The BAYWATCH is a must-have choice. Show off your boldness and your taste for refinement.


    • DIVEL photochromic gradient lenses - category 3 - Ruby Ashes - Black colors
    • Zeiss category 3 gradient lenses on Green Shoot colors
    • Perfect for optimal ocular protection.
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