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Emanating Parisian elegance and the boldness of the Great Plains of North America, The CRAZY HORSE is a dazzling fusion of history and fashion. Inspired by the legendary Parisian cabaret that charmed generations with its dances and illuminations, and by the proud Sioux chief famous for his inimitable make-up, this model is a tribute to the indomitable and the unforgettable.




Like the twinkling lights of the cabaret, the cutaway eye is bold and avant-garde, offering a unique perspective that instantly catches the eye. Emblematic of STRUKTUR, the side-parting of this pair adds a touch of originality, recalling the distinctive make-up of the Crazy Horse chef.




In addition to its exceptional looks, this eyewear offers high-quality sun protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays. The lenses are carefully selected to offer optimum visual clarity while adding a touch of mystery to your look.




A fusion of culture, history and contemporary fashion, The CRAZY HORSE is much more than just a pair of glasses. It's a statement, a celebration of boldness and diversity. With its timeless design and vibrant colours, it is destined to become the must-have accessory for anyone who wants to combine elegance and character.


    • Category 3 photochromic gradient lenses from DIVEL
    • Perfect for optimal ocular protection.
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