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The KEY WEST is a frame that embodies versatility, suitable for both men and women. This frame has been designed to fit every face, offering a captivating aesthetic to suit everyone.




When you look at The KEY WEST from the front, you discover an imposing thickness with very pronounced television milling. The frame gives the impression of being sculpted into a frame, particularly in the two-tone models, where the second colour is revealed in a captivating way.




The combination of shapes and colours is at the heart of 'The KEY WEST'. This frame lets you express your style by playing with the combination of shapes and colours, adding a touch of originality to your look.




The KEY WEST is a fashion statement that transcends the boundaries of convention. It's designed for those looking to make a bold and creative statement. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this frame offers high-quality sun protection for the eyes, guaranteeing optimum visual clarity.




If you're looking for a versatile, bold and creative sunglasses, The KEY WEST is the perfect choice.


    • Category 3 photochromic gradient lenses from Divel
    • Perfect for optimal ocular protection.
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