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The MIDNIGHT DIVE is a sunglasses frame that embraces oversize style while offering surprising subtlety. Designed for acetate lovers, this frame highlights the richness and versatility of this material.




Despite its oversized appearance, this model is actually more discreet, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a frame that attracts attention without being imposing. Its frame thickness of over 7 mm highlights the acetate.




The MIDNIGHT DIVE is a blend of elegance, comfort and creativity. It brings a touch of originality to those who wear it, while guaranteeing high-quality sun protection for the eyes. The lenses are carefully chosen to offer optimum visual clarity, adding a touch of mystery to your look.




If you're looking for an oversized sunglasses frame that's both bold and subtle, The MIDNIGHT DIVE is the perfect choice.


    • Category 3 photochromic gradient lenses from DIVEL.
    • Perfect for optimal ocular protection.
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